Why search adventitiously for the perfect off-campus student accommodation?
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Footprint Living is the 'all-inclusive' student living sphere.

We know what it can be like to attend University or College in another city or country, and we also understand that in Vancouver, a student from Kerrisdale, may not want to live 'at home' while attending U.B.C.

We believe the most important ingredient in your life after food, clothing and shelter, is education. Although, not always in that order... We shield students from some of the adversity by providing dependable and consistent living standards.

We personally visit each suite and residence before the accommodation posting is made available, and remain as a facilitator and resource until you Graduate! We are also an excellent source of local wisdom.

Between classes, studying, exams, friends and adventure; with scholarships, student loans, savings and parents on the mind, it's nice to have a bigger footprint for balance!