The Lubasi Home

We love the idea of channeling part of our fortune to a part of the world that isn't so educationally fortunate. So, in case you were perusing the site and just felt #warmandcozy, here's a chance to support a charity that we also support. In addition to the daily needs of these young kids, an Educational Fund has been set up to give them the opportunity to keep learning. By donating to this small charity, one can really make a difference. Leave your footprints!

A good friend of Footprint's, who grew up on Vancouver Island, has been emerged in an exciting and successful African venture for 12 years operating a popular back-packers lodge in Livingstone, Zambia. Her life in Livingstone collides with Global Partners for Health who operate the Lubasi Home Orphanage nearby. They donate what they can every month and host a Christmas lunch (with presents) every year. Visit the Lubasi Home online to find out more about the orphanage.

Yes, we'll help you keep tabs on the progress (we have people on the inside with camera's and x-mas parties).

To make a donation please click on the button below.