Laws of the Land

Here's a few more rules we'd like you to follow

Students are welcome to hang posters, signs, and pictures on walls, doors providing it is fine with the Accommodation Provider. Footprint advises you not to use double-sided or duct tape, as these will leave a heavy residue and/or remove the paint. We would also discourage using self-adhesive decals, nails, or bolts. To avoid being charged for damage, Students are encouraged to decorate with care.

No furniture in any accommodation provided may be taken apart or removed from the room/residence. Alterations, additions, and/or unauthorized use of furnishings are prohibited as well as painting or applying adhesives to surfaces.

It is the responsibility of residents to dispose of their garbage in the appropriate locations. Nobody likes the smell of garbage. We encourage you to recycle as much as you can.

Each resident will sign a Rental Unit Condition Report at check-in. Other than normal wear and tear, residents are responsible for loss and damages in their room or apartment. To avoid damage, residents are reminded to decorate with care and be respectful.

For any and all disputes, questions etc.